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Art nouveau style in interior design: how to integrate it?

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

This artistic movement emerged in the late 19th century and became extraordinarily popular in the early 20th century. Its use of organic forms characterizes it, often influenced by nature, and bold, dramatic colors. Here are a few tips for adding Art Nouveau style to your home.

Start by considering Art Nouveau elements in your furniture and decor choices.

Take a look at the examples below.

Look for pieces that feature curved lines and floral or other nature-inspired motifs.

You can add Art Nouveau elements to your walls by hanging Art Nouveau-style wallpaper or tapestries. Art Nouveau stained glass is another great way to bring this style into your home; look for windows or lamps that feature colorful, geometric designs. Finally, don't forget about Art Nouveau-style accessories; small touches like vases, clocks, and light fixtures can go a long way in adding this iconic style to your space.

There are some pieces of Art Nouveau furniture for sale among the selections we have for sale. We can help you combine those pieces into your current furniture and implement them all together in your dream home by choosing one of the E-Design packages. You can also have custom cabinets designed in Art Nouveau style by us.

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