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Best Interior Design Ideas for Your Living Room for the Fall 2022 Season

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

The living room is a communal place within a house that brings together family and friends. Whether hosting a lavish dinner party or getting ready to sit down to a relaxing night watching movies, the living room will probably be the central meeting point.

Because of this, the living room is one of the most important rooms to design within a house. The right interior design can make a living room comfortable, stylish, and functional. However, nailing the perfect design can be a challenge.

Fall brings about a change in season, with that comes changes in color. The temperatures start to drop, and the plants begin to shed. A vast propensity of colors arises when you catch a rare perennial view over the forest tops. A crispness in the night starts to emerge, and nature starts to slow down. Bees are no longer seen buzzing around, and many of the obligate hibernators are getting set for the long winter.

Are you looking for some inspiration for your living room this fall? We've gathered the best interior design ideas to help you create a stylish and comfortable space. From modern and formal spaces to approachable and rustic environments, there's a living room idea you'll want to take home to make your own.

Below are 14 stylish design living room tips, ideas, and shopping suggestions for spaces of any size; and find the solutions to your burning questions like, "what's stylish this fall?" and "how do I make the space look bigger?”.

Start With Your Color Palette

When designing your living room for the upcoming fall 2022 season, the first place to start is with your color palette. Here are some pro tips.

Think Neutrals

Neutrals are the perfect way to add a bit of coziness to your living room for fall. A great neutral palette includes earthy tones like deep greens, rich browns, and warm oranges. You can use these colors in your furniture, walls, or flooring to create a cohesive look.

If you're looking for something a little more unique, try using jewel tones like amethyst or sapphire. These colors can add a touch of luxury to your living room without being too over-the-top. Neutral tones can be built upon with brighter block colors, which we will come to next.

Add Block Colors

It's one thing loving Barbie pink, but do you want a bright pink soft? All power to you if that's your vibe, but more likely not. Instead of going for an all-out assault of color, it's much more effective (and stylish) to use pops of colors throughout the room.

You can accomplish this in several ways; through your furniture with colored cushions or throws, adding paintings or posters on the walls, or even using fun mugs and cups to decorate shelves. Adding colored borders to photo frames is also a great way of subtly adding color to your living room. Block colors are a great way to add personality and style without being too in your face.

Use Fall Colors

Fall encapsulates the cycle of life and enjoys vivid red-orange leaves, deep green foliage, and semi-barren trees. This season is the perfect opportunity to bring the outdoors inside by using similar colors in your living room design.

You could go for a more subtle approach by adding small touches of color with decorations like candles or vases. Or you could make a statement by painting an entire wall in a bold shade.

When adding fall colors to your living room, there are a few essential shades you can use to create a warm and inviting space. Deep reds, oranges, and yellows create a cozy atmosphere. You can use these colors in your furniture, walls, or flooring to create a cohesive look or if you're looking for a non-permanent change just for the season, then think about adding items that can be stored away for the rest of the year.

Next, Focus On Decor

After you’ve looked at your colors, it’s time to look around at the decor in your living room.

Do Away With The TV (or Hide It)

Televisions are one of the most common pieces of furniture in living rooms around the world. But just because they're common doesn't mean they're necessary. If you want to create a more relaxing and intimate space, consider doing away with the TV.

There are plenty of other ways to entertain yourself and guests without having a television. If you can't do away with the digital entertainment piece, think about concealing it. Think about buying a unit that can stow the TV out of sight so it doesn't take away from the exquisite design you spent hours analyzing.

Get the New Rug Out

Having a color-tone rug matched to fall in the center of the room can change the whole feel of the space. It makes it more comfortable to walk on and adds an extra layer of depth to the existing floor. Plus, it'll keep the room warmer in the lowering temperature nights fall brings, which is ideal for those chilly fall evenings when you just want to curl up on the couch with a good book and a cup of cocoa.

There are plenty of different designs and colors to choose from regarding rugs. But if you want something stylish and practical, look for a wool or jute rug. Or you can go for a more Art Nouveau look and check out the Albion Oriental Rug from THE HAUSS.

Add Some Seasonal Decor

Halloween and spiced pumpkin lattes come to mind when thinking of fall. Other than putting a pumpkin as the centerpiece, there are other more subtle ways to add some seasonal decor to your living room.

You could, for example, add a vase of fresh autumn leaves to the mantlepiece. Another idea is to change the scent of your candles from something like pine or something more woody & musky. Or you could add a few small pumpkins (they don't have to be honest!) to your coffee table as a nod to the looming Halloween celebrations.

Then, Check Your Textile

Beyond your colors and decor, your textiles throughout the living room can spruce things up in time for the fall 2022 season.

Bring the Ceiling Into the Design

Most home designs don't pay the first bit of attention to the ceiling. And rightly so, as it generally goes unnoticed. However, if you think about this correctly, it's worth realizing it only goes unnoticed because they are usually white. But what if, instead of a dull white ceiling, we incorporated a bit of color to bring the room to life from above?

You can achieve this with a bit of paint and some time. And the results can be pretty amazing. It can change the whole feel of a room and make it seem more open and airy. You could even add some upward-facing lights to highlight the color even more. Try to use a light pastel color, though. Generally, ceilings look awful in dark colors, and worse, they make the room look smaller.

Have a Fabric Revamp

As the weather gets colder, we start to spend more time indoors. So it's only natural that we want our living rooms to be as comfortable and cozy as possible. One way to achieve this is by adding warmer fabrics to the room. Throws, blankets, and cushions are all great ways of making a space feel more inviting.

Try to avoid synthetic materials, though, as they can often be scratchy and uncomfortable. Instead, go for natural fabrics like wool or cotton. Additionally, these materials will keep you warm and cozy.

Change to Wallpaper

Another way of adding color to your living room is by changing from paint to wallpaper.

Wallpaper can bring to the room some patterns and tasteful artistic design elements. For example, if you go for a classic chinoiserie wallpaper, you'll be able to pair it with almost anything to lift the room to the next level. Chinoiserie will also highlight the nature of fall by adding plant elements to the walls.

Make sure you consider the other colors in the room before making your final decision. You don't want the wallpaper to clash with the furniture or fabrics in the space.

Change The Cushion Covers

In addition to the sofa throw, you can mix the cushion covers to give off a more rustic feel. Go for some rich jewel tones or even some patterned covers. The important thing is that they reflect fall colors and go with your new throw.

Adding cushion covers is an inexpensive way to mix up the living room décor year in and year out, and you can easily store the blankets away for the rest of the year with minimal storage space.

Final Fall Touches

Lastly, it’s time to put the final touches on your living room to align your design with the fall 2022 season.

Think Farmhouse Fresh

Fall is the perfect time to give your living room a bit of a makeover and turn it into a cozy and inviting space. And what better way to do that than by adding fresh farmhouse touches?

One idea is to add some mason jars filled with fall leaves or dried berries. You could add a wreath of dried flowers in the garden to the mantelpiece. Another idea is to use burlap as an accent fabric or wallpaper if you want to go for a permanent change. And finally, you could add some barn lanterns to the room for a touch of rustic charm.

Make It Fun With DIY Decor

One of the best things about fall is that it's the perfect time to get crafty and start making your decor. During fall, lots of natural things are at maturity and naturally fall to the ground or into the artful hands of someone who can spot unidentified treasure. There are so many great DIY projects that you can do to add a bit of personality to your living room.

One idea is to make homemade candles and incorporate some natural scents. Or you could make your artwork for the walls using leaves, berries, and twigs. The possibilities are endless! Just make sure that you have fun with it. It would be a great way to get the whole family interested in spicing up your living room for the fall.

Get The Fireplace Stocked

Fall is a great time to start gathering supplies for the winter period in which things are not as easily accessible. One of the best things about fall is that it's the perfect time to get your fireplace stocked and ready for winter. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it will also give you a sense of satisfaction knowing that you're prepared for whatever mother nature throws.

So make sure to stock up on wood and kindling, and if you don't have a fireplace, now would be a great time to invest in one. They are a great way to add some extra warmth to your living room during those cold winter months, plus they add something truly unique to the design aspect of the room.

Add A Throw To The Sofa

It's unlikely that you will splurge on a sofa for every season of the year. However, that doesn't mean that you can't change up the look of your couch to match the current season. One way to do this is by adding a throw blanket in a seasonal color or pattern.

You could use a plaid or tartan blanket in earthy tones for fall. Or, if you want something more neutral, you could opt for a cable knit blanket in white or cream. Whichever route you choose, make sure that the throw blanket compliments the overall style of your living room.

Say Hello to Fall 2022

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