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How to take pictures for your E-Design Package Services?

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

If you're like most of our customers, you're probably wondering how to take the perfect picture of your room for our e-design program.

Well, wonder no more! In this quick video, I'm going to show you exactly how to take pictures of your room that will wow your designer and make the most out of your e-design purchase.

First things first: natural light is your friend. So open up those curtains and let the sunshine in!

Next, take a step back and get a good overview of the room. You want to make sure to capture all the important details in your photo.

And keep in mind that we need to see all floors, ceilings, windows, fireplaces and doors in the room.

So we would need to see all walls from front view or perspective view.

Keep the camera at a standard human height, like 5' 5" to 8", not from a low or high angle.

Now zoom in on any special features or unique details that you want to highlight. This could be a beautiful piece of art that you would like to keep, a cozy fireplace, or anything else that makes your room special.

Finally, snap a few close-ups of any fabrics or textures that you want to include in your design. These close-ups will help your designer get a better sense of your style and what kind of materials you like.

That's it! Now you know how to take pictures of your room for our e-design program. So go ahead and snap away!

You can send them to us while you fill out your Design Questionnaire or send send with an E-mail to us. If you want to send us even more or bigger files, you can share them with us on drive or send them with an E-Mail to

Contact us for any further questions.

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