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Who Can Partner with Us?

Seda Akgun

Mar 21, 2023

Join Us in Creating Extraordinary Spaces

We are open to partnering with businesses across various sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Construction and Renovation Companies
  • Furniture and Home Decor Stores
  • Home Improvement and DIY Suppliers
  • Architectural Services
  • Art and Craft Stores
  • Technology and Smart Home Solutions
  • Textiles and Upholstery Providers
  • Lighting and Electrical Services
  • Kitchen and Bath Design Specialists
  • Outdoor and Garden Centers
  • Financial Services
  • Hospitality and Event Planning
  • Artisans and Craftsmen
  • Sustainability and Green Solutions
  • Media and Publications

Partner Application

Apply to partner with us!

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