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Initial Consultation: Space Planning and Survey

US$ 50.00

per hour


Maximize your space’s potential with our comprehensive 'Space Planning & Survey' service. We combine precise measurements with strategic space analysis to enhance functionality and aesthetics, tailored to your unique needs.

Big size of a very professional AutoCAD Drawing Sheet  with pencil lying around
Professional Space Planning and Survey Services and Drawing Service

Embark on a transformative journey with our 'Space Planning & Survey' service, where precision meets innovation. This service is designed for those looking to thoroughly understand and optimize their residential or commercial spaces. Starting with a detailed survey, our experts meticulously measure every aspect of your space, capturing dimensions, structural elements, and key architectural features. Following the survey, we delve into a deep analysis of the space’s usage, flow, and aesthetics.

Grey measurement tape lying on the floor of an almost empty Living Room
Survey Service

What to Expect

  1. Pre-Consultation Form: After booking your consultation, you will receive a form to fill out with details about your space, your needs, and your style preferences. This helps us understand your vision and prepare for our meeting.
  2. 30-Minute Consultation: During the consultation, we will discuss your space, identify any problem areas, and provide you with immediate suggestions and solutions. This can be done via video call or phone call, depending on your preference.
  3. Follow-Up Email: After the consultation, you will receive a summary of the key points discussed, along with any additional recommendations or resources that may be helpful for your project.
  4. Credit Towards Service Fee: The $50 consultation fee will be credited towards the total service fee if you decide to proceed with a full space planning service with us.

How to Book

  1. Online Booking: Visit our website and navigate to the 'Book a Service' section. Select 'Initial Consultation: Space Planning', choose your preferred date and time, and complete the booking form.
  2. Payment: Secure your booking by paying the $50 consultation fee online. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.
  3. Confirmation: You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment along with a link to the pre-consultation form.

Project Tracking System

If you choose to continue with our services after the initial consultation, you will gain access to our online project tracking system.

This system allows you to:

  • Upload Images and Documents: Easily share photos, floor plans, and other relevant documents with our team.
  • Track Progress: Stay updated on the status of your project, view timelines, and see what tasks are completed or pending.
  • Make Payments: Securely pay for services and track your payment history.
  • Order Products: Browse and order recommended products directly through our platform.
  • Book New Appointments: Schedule follow-up consultations or additional services as needed.

We are committed to making the space planning process as smooth and convenient as possible for you. Let us help you transform your space into a place that reflects your style and meets your needs.

Ready to get started? Book Your Consultation Today and take the first step towards a beautifully planned space!

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